Wanted: Browser-safe Font that resembles Nimbus Sans

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I am currently designing a website for a client whose corporate typeface is Nimbus Sans.

Can anybody recommend a "browser-safe" font that resembles Nimbus Sans? It should work in all modern browsers, on a PC as well as a Mac. I've tried a few ones, Trebuchet, Arial, Geneva, but I'm not sure which one is the best option.

Can anybody help? Thanks for any input...

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I def. would say 'Arial'.

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if you want safe, you should probably do the old stand-by and specify Helvetica, Arial

that way you catch Win and Mac users.

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Hey you guys,

That's pretty much what I had in mind. I just wanted to get a second opinion on it. Thanks!!

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Nimbus Sans IS URW's version of Helvetica. And one of the better Helveticas around.

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@terminaldesign: Are you sure? It still looks more similar to Arial to me...

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Well it looks like something changed from the samples on Myfonts.

I'm familiar with URW Nimbus Sans of 15 years ago and it was absolutely the best Helvetica you could get.

But since I don't buy any type anymore, what do I know!

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Found it.

The URW Nimbus Sans I remember is Nimus Sans Novus:


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