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I really enjoy spending time in here, educating my self with the knowledge and guidance from you guys. I have used many hours reading threads and replies, and commented a few my self.

I have made web design all of my life, starting 10-years old. First in 2000 I tried Photoshop, soon to be followed by all the other Adobe products. It was here I started my passion for corporate ID design.

1. Magventure
Magnetic stimulation.

2. Advanseed
Sells special seeds like Rucula.

3. Regnskabets time
Auditor. The name is on Danish and is a saying like, "The 11th hour" but with a more threatening meaning. Like "Let's settle the score" sort of. It meant to be humorous.

4. Kongens Lyngby haveservice
"Kongens Lyngby" is a city in Denmark. A part of Lyngby. Translated to English it would be: "The Kings Lyngby". "Haveservice" means "Garden Service". So "The Kings Lyngby Garden Service".

5. Daren
Darén is a cleaning business. The idea was that the white stuff is like when you sweep.

6. InOffice
Office hotel in Copenhagen.

7. Advanseed
Sells special seeds like Rucula.

8. AktieFokus
A financial stock news firm that monitors stocks and brings the news to the newspapers.

9. Giantmedia
An advertising agency.

10. Intramedia
A CMS IT comany

I don't know why i post it - it's way too late to change any of them... well ... maby just because we all love logos... :-)

Please be free to say your opinion, whether it's good or bad... :-)

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Some of them are very nice logos, others aren't. It's always easier to criticise. :) So.

I don't think that INOffice is a good one. It needs quite a bit of work, but it's a good start.

Daren total is looks nice and ok but I don't think that's a corporate logo. At least not for cleaning business.

Especially I like the tree/crown logo. I would change it a bit to make crown and tree work as single image, because they look as two images at the moment, but it's very nice and memorable. I hope wherever it's used it has enough breathing space around. it's the best one of all these.

Other logos/images are quite web2-ish...
Robert Koritnik

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