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We just had our last SoTA board meeting before we all gather in Buffalo for TypeCon, and I tell you, it's shaping up to be another great week.

Last year, I know there were a number of Typophiles in attendance whom I did not really get a chance to talk to or even meet. Once again, I'll be managing some of the logistics, wrangling buses, and overseeing front-end this year; and I realize that when I'm in that mode I can sometimes put out a "Don't bother me, I'm busy" vibe. But don't buy into it. Seriously, come up and introduce yourself.

You might have to tell me your screen name or otherwise jog my memory. I always think about this too late to do anything, but wouldn't it be great if we could have figured out a way to cross-check the TypeCon registration database with the Typophile membership and get an image of every Typophile's avatar on the TypeCon badges. Sometimes it's tricky to match up a face & name to an avatar & screen name.

Hope to see lots of fellow Typophiles in Buffalo.

-- Kent.

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As usual, see Tiffany, she knows everything :-)


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Can't wait to meet as many folks as I can manage this week - I'm already in Buffalo (just chilling out today/tomorrow with some friends), so I think I'll swing by registration today and see if I bump into anyone.

I'm on Twitter (@danrubin), checking @replies religiously on the iPhone.

Are most people arriving Thursday?

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It's a long commute, but I am driving down and back to T.O. tomorrow for a workshop, then again on Friday and Sunday. (Prior engagement on Saturday)

(If anyone in Toronto needs a ride one of those days, email me:

Also, please add me to the twitter thingy.


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Next year's location is a closely guarded secret until it is revealed this weekend here at the Con. Afterward, I'm sure something will be posted at for all to see.

James -- Bring your auction items to the Marketplace (back right side of the main area). If no one's there, come find me (usually around Registration) and I'll hold them in the office.

Chris -- Tiffany is still going to be involved with the auction; but actually, her Board term ended last year. So this year she gets to enjoy the conference as a regular "civilian." ;-)

-- K.

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Yay! Poor Tiff finally gets to relax and enjoy! How about you , Kent? You never sit down either!
Give everyone my regards, Kent!


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Does any one know when the Typecon Store is opening... today?

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Friday and Saturday 9:00 - 5:00, and Sunday 9:00 - 3:00.

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Is Paul Hunt there at TypeCon or is he still in England furiously finishing his typeface?


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Paul's here. He's on a panel about contextual letterforms this afternoon, along with Eben and John Hudson, which I'm moderating.

-- K.

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Here he is...

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Say hello for me!


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I'm really happy to have met a few more Typophiles, but next year we really need to make a point of having a meet-up. I didn't get to meet quite a few of you and this leaves me a little bit miffed and disappointed.

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Good point. Maybe we can get a Typophile party going. Or a designated meet-up point & time.

Atlanta dates please!

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I feel a little backwards, for having joined Typophile AFTER typecon; oh well. I met so many nice people asking "Are you on Typophile?" that I just had to join.

Then again, real life meetups of Internet people are always exciting due to the "Are they a serial killer?" factor.

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I am a cerial killer, Allbran and Grapenuts :-)


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^ you would have had a field day in Buffalo Chris. It’s a cereal sort of town.

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Is that why the old Shredded Wheat Box had a picture of Niagra Falls on it?


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Shredded Wheat Box had a picture of Niagra Falls on it?


I think Mark meant Surreal sort of town.

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Never could spell.

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Thanks Mark and Rich!
That Shredded Wheat box brings back childhood memories:-)


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"That Shredded Wheat box brings back childhood memories:-)"

That packaging is so old, do you mean, from your parents childhoods, or Homer's childhood?


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LOL!!! My own childhood! That box was the packaging on the cerial I ate as a kid.

Oh, and Homer is my 1st cousin :-)


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Surely you mean "cereal".

Now if we could only get the Atlanta dates...

If you thought Buffalo was weird wait til you check out Atlanta; city of no zoning worth mentioning. You never know what's coming on the next block - could be anything. Sometimes it's a very good place to eat though. :-)


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Atlanta dates will likely be the same week as Buffalo was - in the July 14-19 vein, if we get everything settled with our hotel of choice. We'll announce as soon as it's a lock - if we get into this hotel, I guarantee everyone will love it!!!

Atlanta is going to be fun... another city full of friendly people to look forward to. Southern hospitality is no myth. Combine that warmth and laid back vibe with the sophistication of a grand city like Atlanta, and you know it's going to be some kind of wonderful.

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