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I have been thinking of buying Syntax, the recut version from 2000. Fonthaus has a CD named Syntax family classic which contains the full family -- 30 weights. I would like to know what are the differences to the Syntax platinum CD which also contains 30 weights, but at a much higher price tag.

Or any suggestion for other sans face, budgetwise for a student? I plan to use sans in my thesis: in tables, figures, and algorithms. I use a lot of small caps for acronym in text, so sans with small caps and text figures would be a great companion.


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A couple of recommendations:

Stella--A nice sans from Feliciano Type. Only two weights, but it contains tabular numerals and small caps. The Indie Fonts 2 book shows a text setting and it's very nice for only $200.

Sophisto--A more modern sans from PsyOps. Large family of types including dingbats and ornaments. I'm thinking about getting this one for only $135.

Sebastian--From Storm Type. A 37 font family for $307. I believe it's available in OpenType which would be great if you're using InDesign. Check out the PDF.

Regarding Syntax, I'm not sure about the huge price difference. You're right, it looks to be the same family of types--only one is older and one is newer. Interesting...


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The FontHaus CD does contain the entire Platinum version of Syntax, for a fraction of the price. The CD was obviously a mistake on Linotype's part, and they discontinued it, but FontHaus still has a few units available for sale.

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Thank you for your info, Albert.

Stella looks very nice; actually, I think that it converys the same feeling as Rongel, also from the same designer.

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