looks like Palatino, but the E is different

russ_mcmullin's picture

This seems really similar to Palatino, but there are differences. Anyone know what this font is? Thanks!

Patrick Witmer's picture

Aldus looks close, but the bold weight changes the E, so not sure.


brett jordan's picture

Definitely Palatino... something weird going on with the 'G', but definitely Palatino... could it be 'faux' bold?

Jan's picture

Well, Palatino has serifs on the centre bar of the ‘E’.
I have to admit the sample looks Zapfish. I thought Aldus as well.

Stephen Coles's picture

How old is this sample? There were photocompositor versions of Palatino from various vendors.

russ_mcmullin's picture

I don't think it's very old. It's part of a logo for a local rock products company. I'm not sure how long they've been around. I have a hard time believing a company like that would have custom lettering in their logo, but I guess anything is possible. I ended up redrawing the letters using the sample above, and I used Palatino Bold for the subcopy.

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