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i am working on a logo for a company which will distribute and sell the carhartt clothes (both work and street) via online shop in slovakia.
i made this bunch of logotypes and now i can't decide which one fits best for this kind of company.
i drew all the letters myself except of the version L - that is avenir.

which one would you choose?

thank you.

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I'd go for the center one on the white circular background. Good stuff!

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G&H. Did you modify an existing font?

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Many of these could work...and given that fashion often uses interchangeable logos, perhaps a set of these would work.

In terms of the 'roots' of carhart (ag/industrial), I think E, I, and J are all contenders, with J maybe being that nice blend/crossover market angle.

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G or H without doubt for me. Nice style.


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thank you guys very much.

vintagesignman: no i did not. it is completely hand-drawn.

my personal favourite is version O, don't know why, it just feels good. i think i am not gonna look at them for a week or so and then i'll see which one will catch my eye.

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Do let us know which one you pick. Nice work!

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I like the way G hangs together and is centred without being too symmetrically dull, but it needs some refinement: the "l" is too much like "c", and the "a" too much like "d".

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Haha, didnt make out(bad eyesight?!) it had letters labeling each logo. What I was trying to indicate in my desciption was of course the logo labeled H, G would do as an alternate logo.

I love type!

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I like the script type ones, i.e. G, H, J, K. Although I would probably slightly open up the space inside where the 'a' joins the 'r'.

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