Typophile Tee Battle - And the winner is...

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UPDATE We're now taking pre-orders in the Typophile Store.

After a heated battle and much deliberation the winning tee has emerged! SN Rajpurohit from Ahmedabad, India has won the contest with his subission Light, Regular, Bold & Bold Italic.

We don't expect the world to get it, and that's parf of the point. The tee will be printed on an American Apparel shirt in "Light Blue" with gray ink. Stay tuned for pre-order information.

Satya will receive a copy of the mighty FontBook (A $99 USD value, thanks to FontShop!) and a $100 gift certificate to Threadless, (thanks Skinnycorp!).

Thank you for the hundreds of entries. We had a difficult time judging them all.


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Congrats, SN! Well-deserved. Send me your preferred address and we'll make sure the postman lugs a FontBook directly to your door.

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Bravo, Satya!


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Congratulations, Satya!

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Well deserved! Congrats, Satya!

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Congrats. It is a really great graphic.

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Great concept Satya, congrats!

I wish it could been printed with the design all the way up to the top, as in your graphic...

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congrats Satya!!! can't wait to sport this one. :D

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This is exactly the type of design I was hoping would win. Can't wait to order mine.

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Two thumbs up :-)

- Lex

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On ya Satya! cool design...beauty mate!

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nice choice!

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Congrats Satya, well done!

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WOW!! I am truly honored!!

Thanks to everyone for your love and the great support. A big thank to the Punchcut team for refining and making my design look beautiful.

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Inspirational and fresh an idea. Great job Satya. Respect to the Punchcut crew for choosing such a innovative design.

I love type! You love type!

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A good choice of a very unique design. Congrats Satya!


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I love this design!

Excellent work, Satya!*

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Really lovely. Definitely deserved.

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Congrats Satya - An excellent choice!

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Excellent idea, Satya. It will be fun to wear!

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Satya, when that shirt stretches over my belly, will it become Fat Extended Italic? :-)


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Congratulations, Satya.

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A big congrats to Satya! As Joe mentioned, this was a difficult decision, but we are happy with the choice and think the design is a really great concept. I hope you don't mind that we took the liberty to make some small refinements :)

Satya, will you email us your shipping address? typophile [ a ] punchcut [ d ] com

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Well done. I want one!

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I hope you guys will also print Satya's other entry (SansSerif). It won't even cost you a second set of prizes since it goes to the same guy! Satya's were the TWO best entries!


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Great choice. Congrats to Satya!

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Very cool! :)
I just love typographic in-joke T-shirts - they are great conversation starters... ;)

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I actually think the original design was much better, but oh well… I guess it wasn't easy to print, and all. But yes, a deserved win. :) Congrats, Satya! Those prizes are really sweet… I'm jealous!!

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Cool!!! Any chance of alternate colors at some point?


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I'd so buy that, but I'm fat.

"pronounced by saying 'Jake' without conjuring imagery of lumberjacks or mans best friend."

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oooh! satya, it's sooper!
I like!



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Congratulations Satya; a deserved win.

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Just beautiful, Satya!

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Congrats, Satya! Looking forward to showing it off and baffling non-typophiles the world over...

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great choice, congrats.

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Oh what a relief! Congrats Satya. It's a sporty design. I would also like the stripes going all the way up, but that would probably make it impractical to produce.

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The stripes from bottom to the shoulder seem would be almost impossible. It can't be done with a single screen that would be correctly positioned for the variety of shirt sizes we plan to offer. Getting a small Womens and a Mens XL to both work well is more than tricky. Thus, we modified it by cropping it at the chest. In the end, I think the asymmetry is a nice way to stay true to Satya's design.

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My only wish is that habitual coffee spillers like me could get a darker fabric shirt. I certainly realize that I am in the minority here and far-and-away most Typophilers are neat as a pin and never, ever schlock food objects or india ink on their clothes :-)


PS: I must admit that I have seen a spot or two of Guiness Stout on Si's shirt on occasion and when Terry and I went to lunch last year, he was as bad as I was :-)

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Oh Chris, you've never had a meal with me. Minimum 5 napkins.

So maybe the ideal tee design has splotches printed on it already? Maybe Nick Cooke can use Olicana with its spatters.

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What we all need is T-shirts designed by Jackson Pollock. ;-)

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So, grunge fonts/tees... That's what you're all asking for? =)

By the way, the Ts are on order and the press check is on Friday.

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Congratulations with Flowers,
Long Live SN Rajpurohit
Long Live Ahmedabad
All the Best with Flowers

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Very nice design! I want one!!

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congrats congrats! cool chhe.

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"Oh Chris, you’ve never had a meal with me. "

OK, Carl, next type conference, dueling napkins at the restaurant of your choice, perhaps ribs or spaghetti? :-)


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Yes, yes, yes ... wonderful tee! My favourite ... congrats to you Satya!

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