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Hi I have gone full circle with my client who wants a student guide magazine produced including logo from a version similar to his original at the bottom right through based on his comments (mostly negative) I am now stumped! The guide is for UK students and is a trendy useful directory of gigs, theatre... plus articles. he wants a logo that students will like?? are these just rubbish and i am wasting my time trying to be a designer LOL

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It sounds like your client maybe isn't providing very much context or direction for you. Wanting 'a logo students will like' is way too vague for it to be much help for you.

What are your clients goals with the redesign? What didn't work with the original logo?

We could comment on these, but it really wouldn't be much help in terms of what your client wants.

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More than Shakespeare... music, bars? or just fun things to do for students? The logos are very sterile, not "student" hip. Go pick up a Spin or Rolling Stone, flip thru, look at ads. Get inspired.

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Maybe you're just trying too hard.
Use the PLAY symbol and put it at the beginning. It also depends whether this magazine has a base clientèle. In that case I would suggest evolution in logo instead of revolution.
Robert Koritnik

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