What's the best TypeFace for this logo ?

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I've make logo for my site called "OrigamiArabia"
and i've problem with the typeface of the logo and im loss
beacuse i tried many types and i cant find a type consistent with the mark.

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There are a few typefaces I would like for this mark...
If taking the serif route I think a Hoefler Text Roman is always a good choice.

If considering a san serif, Sudtipos makes some great faces to match the angularity of this mark. Mr. Giacco and Politica are great faces, check them out.


There is also an interesting serif from adobe called Belwe


Good luck!

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i try these fonts with the logo:

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Second from the bottom looks really nice

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Don't post the same thing in two different forums, please.


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Yeah, second from the bottom is aesthetically pleasing for me. I would like to see the "camel" without strokes. I personally like the bottom version of the camel. Of course I don't know any background info on the logo, so I'm just judging on what I see.

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Second from the bottom is best for me too but I'd nudge the type closer to the camel.

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