Appropriate typefaces for medical brocheres etc

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Hi all,

I'm a graduate graphic designer who really wants a proper education in typography! I've been signing up to dozens of typography foundries and browsing forums to try and understand the complex world of type. This forum has been extremely helpful.

I'm starting a project for a new small company in the medical field. It's a medication review which offers a more holistic's hard to explain! They need a logo, brochure, letterhead, report, website etc.

The font has to be professional, simple, and maybe with a slightly 'caring' feel to it. It's aimed at medical professionals, hospitals etc. Doctors get heaps of promotional material so I think that using a quality font or complete font package, along with good graphic design, could help catch their eye.

What would be a professional-yet-modern-yet-caring typeface? I'm open to using a combination of typefaces or a type family to create this brand.

Thanks for your time.

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A couple of suggestions:
OutType's Fresco comes to mind: I don't have it, but it looks good. Their website doesn't let me link to Fresco, but go here:

...and wait for the Flash to load, then navigate to Fresco and its related faces.

Also on their site, check out Eva.

or how about Adobe's Cronos?

Given the wide use you're contemplating be sure to check the EULA's for any fonts you consider. You want to be sure you can use the fonts in PDFs, for example.

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Geez, what a website John! Nice.

mig85 i'm a graphic designer too and on my case would get a classic typeface. Palatino, Bodoni and so on and on are good classical typefaces. The only problem is that they are user a lot (Bodoni for example is part of Vogue's logo).
I would recommend you one of my ex-teacher Dino dos Santos. He has really good typefaces. Check them.

Joel Santos // youremin
sound & visual

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Thanks I checked out all the fonts - now the hard part is deciding on one!

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