Help ID'ing this font, please

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I've blown the better part of a whole day trying to track this down. Can anyone point me at the correct font?

It's at least 20 years old. This is a shot of all the characters I could scrounge up. They may appear a bit softer in this sample than they actually are since this is an enlargement.



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Except for a couple of characters, it looks very similar to Raleigh Gothic:

Modern releases of this font are based on the original by Morris Fuller Benton, done in the 1930s. Perhaps what you're looking at is from an older specimen.

That may not be correct, but at least it's a starting point.

Best of luck.

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I spotted Titling Gothic, as well as Placard Condensed yesterday. Placard Condensed seemed to have the low riding crossbar on the "A" as well as the angled "M" legs, but missed in a few other areas like the "J" and the corner radii of some of the other characters.

The font I'm looking for may have come from an Apple Mac in the late 80's, possibly with Adobe Illustrator.

I like to match this font more closely for a graphic. I'm sort of new at font matching; what is the likelyhood of me finding a more accurate match? Should I just take one of the above fonts and start modifying it?

I haven't modified a font in 15 years. If that's the route I have to go, is there an editor that I can bring a background graphic into and sort of trace over it for accuracy?

Thanks again,


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If you only need the font for a few characters, I would just modify one of the available fonts. You might spend more time looking for the exact font than it would take to just modify one that you have.

You can use Illustrator to do this:

1) Place your graphic on a background layer
2) Set your text using an existing font
3) Convert the text to outlines
4) Adjust as necessary

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