Does anyone know the name of ...

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The type designer/designers that did the movie logo type for

Star Wars

Indiana Jones

Disney's The Mansion?


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Thanks sii - very much appreciated.

Somehow, I didn't think it was the property of:

I wonder how he gets away charging for the font - and licensing it?

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There's a thread/article somewhere on how Disney designers are using "fan-fonts" and freeware "re-interpretations" of some of the commercial fonts and logos they use. As Simba would say "It's the circle of type."

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Astro is a Star Wars font based on the Helvetica typeface.

Check out this older thread and laugh (or cringe):

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A classic! Thanks!


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Anytime, Si! :-)

I wonder how he gets away charging for the font - and licensing it?

Jackie, I notice that for his newer fonts, D.O. admits to having been inspired by the movies WALL-E and Iron Man.

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@Jackie: I wonder how he gets away charging for the font - and licensing it?

I wonder the same thing about half the "new" font releases currently on offer. So many "foundries" are fake, turning out fake font products, old dead thing knock-offs and plagiarised works. They get away with charging for it and licensing it with sheer gall, by telling lies and denying any impropriety.

They even call themselves "foundries".

Many other design and manufacturing industries re-invent the wheel on a daily basis, but at least they have the veracity to admit it. Only the type industry is sufficiently self-deluded to pretend otherwise. The French and Americans are especially adept at doing this. Meanwhile almost nothing of merit in the way of type design has come out of Australia unless you count one or two of my own efforts. A few operators from South America have managed to tarnish that continent's otherwize excellent reputation for original faces with guts.

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