Portfolio of Janno Hahn

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Hello All,

I don’t know if this link is posted before, but I like to mention the work of Janno Hahn, typedesigner at Atelier René Knip.


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Really nice inscriptional work, but his "nameless newspaper font" should maybe be called Swift Jr.

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You are right about that. In the time he started to design the typeface he admired Gerard Unger and his work and visited Unger at his home to talk about typedesign.

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Ah, there you have it then!

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Thanks for the link, Pieter. Very nice!
Some more of Janno can be found on Unzipped:
Letter sculptures by Atelier René Knip
Scrabble with ‘found type’

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Beautiful site, simple clean type, incredible photos. I can see the "Unger Effect" very rigid and balanced but still feels organic. I think i'm most intrigued by his 3D applications of type, very forward. What city does he work out of Pieter?-ONE

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He lives in Amsterdam but works mainly from Pingjum, a city in the northern part of The Netherlands, where the studio of René Knip is situated.

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