Font on the cover of 'The Caliph's House'

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Does anyone know what font this is?

some characters seem to be created just for the cover, but i'm quite sure i've seen a very similar font before, but i can't seem to remember what it is.

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Many of the characters differ (a, s, etc.) which leads me to believe that it was hand drawn.

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I agree, and it doesn't even seem close to any faux-Arabic fonts I could find.

- Mike Yanega

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The most similar font I could find, stylistically, to this (and I don't think it's too close) was Arabolical by Geoffrey Johnston. 'Arabian' choices at MyFonts and FontShop were not even this similar.

- Mike Yanega

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On the back of the book it says "Title lettering by Dermot Flynn / Dutch Uncle"

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