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Critique pls :)

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Would you mind explaining what the logo is meant for? Not knowing Arabic I also don't even know where to begin critiquing, because I don't know what it says...if anything. I think a little introduction would be good. =)

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You're right..;)
This logo is for Qatar Bayti = meaning Qatar My Home
It is for one of the biggest new projects ever to be in Doha... They wanted to show Qatari Heritage in their logo since the project will be building houses maintaining the Qatari heritage and authenticity with a modern touch...
I don't think I can talk more abt this project... but the client didn't approve this logo ( no idea why) but wat am sure about, the main reason is that he didn't like the name "QATAR BAYTI"...
So now am trying to work on the new name and I want to get some opinion on this one..

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I've worked on a few projects for middle eastern based companies looking to build more of a presence in the UK. The fundamental thing our research taught us was that a 'western' audience has difficulty discerning characters from other alphabets. A text based mark won't work in isolation unless your target audience is 100% familiar with the character set used. You must be 100% sure who your audience is.

Looking at it as a composition it looks a little unbalanced to me, just waiting for it to topple down to the right.

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Ah, well I won't lie and act like this is even a topic that I have any knowledge in. The only input that I have to offer to the table is it looks a little uneventful, not interesting. There's just nothing here that says "logo" to me yet. But of course this could be because I don't read characters. So please feel free to ignore my comment, I won't be hurt :) I will make sure to check in on the post to see new updates if you post them though, I'm interested to see where this goes. Good luck!

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Hey again....
about the audience:100% Arabic ..
well guys I hope u know arabic cuz that would have helped more...
:) thanx for comments

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> They wanted to show Qatari Heritage in their logo since the project will be building houses maintaining the Qatari heritage and authenticity with a modern touch

Qatari heritage and authenticity = A fishing boat
Modern touch = US Bombing fighters taking off the US base.

So a fishing boat in the shape of Qatar with a fighter flying over it ill do the Job.

"My fishing boat is my home"
If you win the project, do not forget me.

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Ohkay! To help you write/draw the logo:
Qatar is a three-letter word = (Qaf + 6a + R)
Qaf + a H-flipped Qaf joined together = Boat
The Arm of 6a = Boat's sail.
The body of 6a = The body of a fighter
A number of Rs + Bayti = Waves
HaHaHa with Flowers

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I do not get it?

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KC, O(K)!(I)C your avatar shows your power of drawing+imagination.

Qaf looks like ë?!
So Qaf + a H-flipped Qaf joined together = Boat = ë_____________9?!

The first 3 letters of Bayti (üuu+dots) can go wavy = Waves?!
which can be consolidated with a fonty j(s) to complete Bayti?!

More?! At your service with Flowers

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the "Rau" word is disappeared.. and if that logo is for project about "Qatari Heritage"
i think you need "Arabic Calligraphy Font" beacuse the font you use is and never Inappropriate never with the mark... i think the best typeface for this mark is the "thuluth font" "خط الثلث"..

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i believe AzizMostafa is referring to not-uncommon
technique for arabic logos - namely, shaping the
calligraphic, script arabic in a custom way to pictorially
resemble shapes which also have meaning for the logo.

to give a simple example (which i am making up, i don't
know if this one works) - you could write "boat" in arabic
in a way that actually looks like a boat.

i've seen it done well, and it can be fairly impressive.

@AzizMostafa - if one doesn't speak arabic, and has never
been to the middle east, or seen this technique, one
probably wouldn't have the faintest idea what you were
talking about regardless of the power of one's imagination,
or drawing skills.


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Thanx for the reply guys..

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