Kerning changes from a software to another

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I've made a font, my first font, and I'm having some troubles with kerning, the kerning its well in fontforge, but on indesign it is very bad on Ty for example.

If someone could help me it would be good. Thanks.

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I don't know FontForge, but with all this, it is best if you can give version numbers (e.g., InDesign CS2, CS3; Fontforge xxx, whatever). For example, there is a known bug with CS2, namely that if there are no gsub routines (ligatures would be an example), gpos routines (for example, kerning) aren't applied.

Having said that, in InDesign, when you put the cursor between the T and y, a number appears in the kerning box (the little window with an "AV" label). If it shows a (0), you have no kerning. If it shows another number, that is the kerning value InDesign is seeing. If you do have a value, is it the same as you entered in Fontforge?

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You might be experiencing caching of an older version of the font. Try clearing your font caches....


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Thomas is probably right. I was going through similar problems and had to use FEX to wipe system and application font caches and reboot (multiple times, oddly enough!) to get a font working right in Indesign yesterday. I’m sure I’ll catch some hell about it from my hair stylist…

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Hello I was using indesign CS2, but the problem is also in other software.
Thomas how do I clean font caches?
Thanks everybody

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You can clean it with Linotype fontexplorer if you have, or with Fontnuke,
There are probably more alternatives, but I dont know of them.

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I have clean it, but it seams the problem remains. Maybe I should talk to someone who uses fontforge too. What program do you use?

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i have solved the problem I dont know how but it should be cleaning the font caches
Thank you all

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