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Im working on this inscriptional font with old proportions at the moment. Its just for uppercase use. Beside these letters I thought about a condensed version but I could really need some help at the moment before I start withe the new letters and spacing etc.

Thank you very much

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I rebuilt some of the letters and edited the original post.

By the way: This font is for a course in my university. Im doing a new corporate identity for a roman germanic museum. This font should be used for the logo of the museum and its outposts. My teacher cant give me further corrections but I think that its not ready yet!?
So please feel free to comment. Any anwers are welcome.


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Speaking of spacing, have you done tests using HH_HOHO_OO? Your "O"s seem way to airy and larger in size compared to the rest, The "E" seems to have a different SB than the "H" (look at "THE") and there seems to be a lot of weight balancing issues. I would like to see the letter combos in the HH...OO combo before I make a final comment.

At first glance, I think the diagonal are all too heavy(M,N,A,V), or the verticals are too light(H,L,) in the major stroke weight.

And I think the secondary stroke weight for the "A" isn't working with the secondary strokes of the rounds like "S" or in transitions from round to vertical like the "R".

Do you have unit numbers for these things? As much as type design is a creative discipline, it requires a lot of constancy and precision.

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edwin111 almost posted something relevant. Not a bad achievement for a spam bot, but that non-sequitur link is an instant tell.

There are definitely some spacing issues with the round letters, and the S looks too narrow among the rest. Of course this is all stuff from two years ago that was plowed up by a spam bot, so you may have resolved those issues long ago.

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Yes, and now that you’ve commented about it, I can’t in good conscience delete it and leave a gap in the conversation. But I’ll remove the link.

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Jason is right; S looks too narrow, and so does L. To my eye, A, H, N and U are too wide. And the lower leg of K should bend in only one direction. Now it's sort of trying to go in both directions. I would make it bend down, and lose that start of a serif, just leave an angle at baseline or overshoot.

This is just after a quick look, but I see that you want to make a brake from Trajan style, with some hints remaining, and it pretty much works. Just don't over-do it.

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