Cyrillic in carattere Veneto

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I am trying to make a Venetian-style Cyrillic font that would work well with Adobe Jenson / Eusebius / ... Here's a sample page:

I haven't started working on kerning yet;
the sample page is optically kerned by InDesign.

I would appreciate your comments.

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i'm not the technical genius, but i think it's ochen prikrasno, po moiemu. Keep up the good work!

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chego-to pdf negruzitsa:-(

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Here's the same thing as an attachment:

application/pdfNinfe Cyrillic Regular
NinfeCyr.pdf (22.1 k)

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1) It would be good to make this font in a way that it can be combined with a specific existing Latin font*, for projects that might use both scripts. This is because you need to worry about comparable color, apparent size, etc. This doesn't mean you have to mimic all the letterform structures though (in fact I think the opposite).
2) If this is a text face, I think your caps/lc proportion is way too big. In fact I believe the Cyrillic "x-height" needs to be bigger (relative to the Latin font you're matching). Predictably, the "establishment" disagrees with this (but I feel that's just Modernism's spell).

* Unless you make you're own Latin too!


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At this point I am not too concerned about complementary Latin font; Ninfe is intended for predominantly cyrillic texts (although Adobe Jenson works fine except for capital height).

This definitely is supposed to be a text face. Capitals are higher than usual for cyrillic fonts; I plan to include a second lower-than-usual set to be used as "small caps", upright capitals for italic, and in Eric Gill's manner (high caps start paragraphs, low caps used in all other places). This should give enough flexibility for both pro- and contra-establishment uses.

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> Eric Gill's manner



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Here is a large alphabet sample:

NinfeAlphabet.pdf (43.8 k)

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Quite beautiful!

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Truly beautiful. I find the lowercase d to be one of the most pleasant in all the Cyrillic fonts I've seen. The one element that sticks out to my eye, though, is the left leg of the lowercase l.

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Thanks for good words. Lowercase el is on my list, as well as lowercase ae reverse (central ~ is too light) and uppercase U (tail needs more work). I also plan to make uppercase Zhe assymetrical (light upward/dark downward strokes) to enforce calligraphic axis of the font.

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I love the details in the lc

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I would love to, but I don't know much about serbian and macedonian. Do they require alternative D/L? I would appreciate if someone pointed me to some resources on non-russian cyrillic fonts.


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Sorry for my delay, here it is:

Serbian: (1.1MB)
pages 9, 31 and 41.


application/pdfMacedonian Cyrillic
Makedonska Kirilica.pdf (187.6 k)

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Here's a new version (Serbian/Macedonian chars are not there yet):

NinfeAlphabet2.pdf (43.8 k)

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To my eye it looks like cap

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