"ENTRE HERMAN" 70's display font

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Anyone know what this one is?
It's from a Folkways album cover.

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ITC Uptight Neon

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The E and the R are not the same as my copy of ITC Uptight neon (Corel)

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The typeface in the sample is ITC Uptight Regular. It had a lot of alternate characters and some of them are used here. ITC Uptight Neon is similar, except that the ends of the strokes are all rounded, like neon lights. It also didn't have as many character variations.

An aside: An illustrator I used to know told me that the guy who designed Uptight Regular and Uptight Neon shared studio space with him in Minneapolis in the early Seventies. I don't remember what his name was, though.

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Mark, according to this Berthold catalog, the guy’s name is Jack Deskin.

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Cool, thanks. Now I know.

FWIW, the illustrator was Delor Erickson, who I just learned died in 2008. :-(

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