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Hi all,
I am wondering, what are some good bitmap text fonts for searchable web content? I would like to improve the readablility of the content in the sites my company designs while at the same time keeping the content searchable. I know that Emigre was one of the first foundries to create bitmap fonts for screen use but are there newer designs/foundries that you could reccomend?
I like the text font that is used in the Typophile forums.

Thank you.

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You might like Unibody from Underware.

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Thanks. That is a nice family. Do you have any other suggestions that can be used at larger point sizes, say (9-11pt)? I am also concerned about readability issues with older users. Right now we are turning off the anti aliasing in Photoshop for the html content on our sites.

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Hi Chris,

are you speaking of plain HTML text? You won’t have any control over the fonts and rendering techniques used at the visitors’ side.

I like the text font that is used in the Typophile forums.

That’s Georgia, at least if you have it installed.


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I think you completely misunderstand how 99.999% of the text you read on the Web is rendered – from outline fonts. An outline font that looks like a bitmap font is a non-starter.

Joe Clark

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