Dino dos Santos' Glosa Typeface

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Can anyone tell me what the design influences were in the making of Glosa? I can't find this information on dstype.com. Thinking about using it as the supporting typeface for all communications on an ID project I'm doing. I used Mercury for the logo, but the client can't afford to shell out $1,200+ for a typeface (it's for my church, tight budget). They will need to use it in-house, so they'll need to buy everything that we specify.

I like Glosa because it reminds me a bit of both Scotch Romans and Dutch Fleischmanns. It feels quite appropriate for my (Presbyterian) church. Anyone know the backstory? I see Dino's icon lurking down at the bottom...perhaps he would be so kind as to elucidate for me :)


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With Glosa I intended to design something with no exact historical reference, I wanted a typeface that seemed to be traveling through the years from the types cutted by Fleischmann to a more contemporary approach. Obviously it's possible to find some references in the details like the perfect ball terminals and sharped serifs. Above all, I wanted the typeface to be extremely readable and rigid, yet modern and fresh.


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Hi Dino! Sounds good to me. Thanks very much for the info. I'll keep you posted if we go with Glosa.

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Where are you getting $1200.00 as a price for Mercury? There are many, many choices of bundles to choose from. Look at the product page for Mercury with one workstation. Do you need to license the fonts for several workstations? Do you require every display and every text cut of the design, in all 4 grades? I'm mystified when people express interest in a typeface and then reject it because of price without investigating all the options. There are very few type families out there with a $1200.00 pricetag. Most typefaces are available in single weights or as basic families with 4 styles.

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