A Serif companion for DIN

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I'm scratching my head looking for a typeface to go out with DIN in this report I'm working on. I've tried The Serif Extra Light and Serifa, but The Serif is too prickly and condensed and Serifa the x height is wrong. Does anybody have any other suggestions? FYI client is a power company

Thanks. C.

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Contemporary serifs that may be appropriate companions for FF DIN:

Freight Text
ITC Charter
FF Nexus Serif and Mix

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I'm normally not a fan of Filosofia grand, but I've found it looks particularly nice next to DIN Engschift, especially in caps. Although, admittedly, Filosofia doesn't scream "power company."

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Hey thanks, I've also had a look at Egyptienne and Typewriter. Freight Text looks good also. C.

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