Looking for Type Wallpaper

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No, not desktop wallpaper – "real" paper-on-walls-kinda-wallpaper.

We'll be doing some re-decorating soon and I'd love to adorn one of the hallway walls (a slender and curving beauty, I might add) with some type-based wallpaper. Big letters, small letters, the odd number and diacritic, a few, handpicked punctuation marks, you get the picture. Alas, I haven't found any yet. Any ideas where I might find such a thing?

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Ray Fenwick did some wallpaper designs, but I think only one was printed, and that one's not typographic.

(You can buy) http://www.nakedandangry.com/pattern/2661/Old_Timey_Tiley
(You unfortunately can't buy) http://www.nakedandangry.com/pattern/2962/Re_SpamPoetry

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Thanks maxgraphic, that's a decent start. It really is difficult to find, especially because you basically can't google for it, because of desktop wallpaper usurping the name.

If all else fails I suppose I can always either print my own or break out the scanner, project & trace type onto standard wallpaper. Another idea might be something from Stefan Sagmeister's book: Mask off areas of sheets of wallpaper with type, then leave in the sun to fade, finally peel off the mask. Oh well, the search goes on, I appreciate the help.

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if you can't find any have you thought of doing a montage of magazine/poster/other printed material? i like the thought of have all these random letters and words covering everything... it's an idea.... once placed on the wall you could cover it with a clear varnish-type thing to preserve the paper...

it's an idea...

another is to just make the wallpaper yourself and get it large-format printed... like a billboard....

cheers - sye :)

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also you may want to take a look at this type wallpaper as used in the food court of melbourne central in melbourne australia.



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Thanks Simon. The way my search is going I'll have to make my own. Of course, this might turn out to be a blessing in disguise…

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These aren't text pattern wallcoverings, but they might be a good start to finding something that's more along what you're looking for.


You might even want to peruse your local wallpaper distributor, and look for styles under Scripts and Signage.

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My sister is an interior designer and passed this onto me:

Maharam: www.maharam.com – go to “virtual library” and select the first book that says “Wallcovering – Vinyl” and flip through to the second page. It’s called “Alphabet 397710” and you can view the colors on the bottom right corner.

Knoll: www.knoll.com (textiles) http://www.knoll.com/products/textileproduct.jsp?prod_id=1034 it’s not readable, but it’s still text.

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Hmm, the Knoll one: a "rich textural field" ... or a "rich textual field"?

The Maharam one: isn't that the design shown in Simon Robertson's photo?

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it sure looks like it! cool!

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Just managed to re-check this thread and wow… thanks everybody! Fantastic finds! I really like the Maharam paper. If it's not too expensive to ship and buy I think I'll go for it in beige and white, it would be perfect.

Once again: Thanks to all typophiles, I knew you could be relied upon for this "problem". :-)

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This just in from Veer. Not technically wallpaper, but still interesting:


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