Font menu name not showing up properly in Adobe Products

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In an effort to greatly reduce the burden on our catalog production staff, I am attempting to tweak an existing font whose bullet character is too large (so that they don't have to manually reduce the size of every bullet). I have successfully done this, however, I can't seem to get the name of the font to display properly in the font menu of Adobe products. Specifically, this is a font with many different weights, and those weights are indicated by a number in front of the name (e.g., 47 Light Condensed). In Quark Xpress, the name properly displays with my new font family name (a variation on the original) and the correct weight/style name. However, the adobe products incorrectly identify the font by the generic weight named assigned by Fontographer (e.g., LightCn). This is also the same naming that appears in Suitcase for BOTH fonts, the original and my modified version.

I'm using Fontographer 4.7, outputting Type 1 fonts to an exclusively Mac environment. I don't know if this is a weird adobe thing, or if it's something I've done incorrectly. I've been on Adobe's forums, and have found nothing there. Any suggestions and information would help.

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My suggestion: Leave the font as it is and create a character style, in which you change size and positioning of the bullet. Doing this is both legal and no big deal.

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