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Hi :)

I'm a bit confused about what sort of type should I be using for web.

Can anybody pass me a website where i can read about different font specifications

Thank you very much to all


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Can you be a bit more specific than 'using for web'?

HTML text can be styled via CSS declaring any typeface you want. The catch is that for it to render in said font, the end-user has to have it installed on their machine. This limits you to the standard Windows, OSX, Linux, and MS Office fonts for the most part.

Headlines and such can be set as images, using any font you want to create them.

sIFR is a flash technique to embed fonts into a flash file to render text on screen. It's used on this site for the thread titles. It's typically used mainly for headlines.

And then there is web font embedding, which some browsers now support, though there are contentious issues in regards to which FONTS support it in terms of the EULA.

Beyond that, be true to the brand, and be cognizant of readability and accessibility issues.

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I am designing the strap line typography of a banner ad for a wine label design studio.
The studio I'm designing this banner for does normally uses Adobe Jenson Pro in printed work. But, I have been told that there are fonts specifically designed to be used on the web.

I was thinking to use ScalaSans

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Speaking of 'strap line' old is that term? In all my years, I hadn't heard of that term until the past year or so. Is it particularly Brittish?

Back on-topic...

There are fonts optimized specifically for the screen...most of the Microsoft Office Type fits that (Verdana, Georgia, Tahoma, and the newer ones in '07 like Calibri)

However, the benefit is really only noticeable at text sizes and when rendered natively by the browser/OS.

If you want to use ScalaSans, that's going to have to be an image anyways, so go for it.

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Well...what term do you normally use then? I suposse that it must be a British term , but ...

Back on-topic...

Everybody in the studio was pretty happy with ScalaSasns results...yeah! I go por itt.

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"what term do you normally use then?"


"Everybody in the studio was pretty happy with ScalaSasns results...yeah! I go por itt."

If you go with graphics, just be sure to stick with headline and decorative use. Avoid setting your actual body copy as an image.

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