1943 geometrical typeface

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Hello everyone,

I came across this photo took in Paris during the occupation, in 1943. I am very interested in the banners, and I am wondering if anyone has some insights about the types used there, especially the "organisation" on the right... I just can't put a name on this one, I actually don't even know if this is a typeface. Looks a bit like Eagle or Neutra, but some stuff won't fit (like the G)... any help?


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the photo:

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This is most likely lettering, not typography. It is sign painting by hand and not based on any single typeface. That said, Neutraface, which is quite similar as you observed, does indeed have this sort of G. See the alternates.

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Thanks Stephen,

I was quite sure that was lettering, but I thought this was still influenced by a typeface. Thanks for the heads-up on Neutraface, it really is close - but I'm still looking for this large S. Anyone knows about the other typeface?


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> but I thought this was still influenced by a typeface.

It is entirely likely that, on the contrary, there were typefaces from the period influenced by the popular sign-painter styles. I believe that is the more common directionality for influence before the latter quarter of the 20th century.

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Do you have a higher resolution version of this?

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As evil as those Nazis were, they sure understood graphic design.

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Mostra from M. Simmonson shares some of those letterforms, but not the S, which looks off to me. Should be narrower etc. … more Antiqua-like.

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the s in eurostile is similar.

and this s too.. http://www.dafont.com/sanserifing.font

if the first sign's 's' is what you are talking about that is...

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Squarosity was long established by then, whether in Germany (Futura Display), the US (Bankers Gothic), or lettering.
In this example, the greater curvature of the horizontal strokes (in S and C) is unusual, and very nice.

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Thanks for this one. It’s going into my folder ideas for a font based on similar old letters on a wall at the gym I work out in.

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Well yes, it is actually a good idea for a typeface, as long as we are 100% sure it is not already available somewhere - but so far, nothing. I unfortunately don't have this at a higher resolution.

I already have quite a nice amount of high res and lower res pictures of bits or full alphabets which have never been adapted digitally, I think I will make a website out of them - or a book. let me know if this idea is interesting and if you have some documents to share (i may as well open a new thread).


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I also have a really great collection of bits and full alphabets as well. I'm not sure if some of them have been adapted, but I'm pretty sure there's bound to be some that aren't.

If you post a new thread or have a place to share them, I would like to share mine as well. That would be a great idea for a website.. a place to share strictly non-digital fonts. My mouth is watering at the idea...

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Samantha: OK then, I will make a website. I will try to make it and open it at the beginning of september. Please send me an email at davidrault(a)gmail.com and let me know more about your lost alphabets...


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