which typo should I use? cd cover

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hello, so can someone help me with this..
i need some typo for this illustration - cd cover
"the knife - silent shout"
so.. any suggestions would be appreciated ;)

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Why you'd want to use *typography* for this is beyond me. This artwork calls for handmade stuff. My advice: use your hand and a pencil.

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yeah..I know, but I wanna copy the title through the glass on the paper..you know what I mean..
I'm just asking which typo would be good for this illustration? :D

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seriously.. hand done type. there's nothing wrong with looking at some fonts, and trying to mimic them, but no super clean computer designed font is going to look right next to the illustration.

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"yeah..I know, but I wanna copy the title through the glass on the paper..you know what I mean.."

Actually, I don't know what you mean.

To be cohesive, I agree with everyone else...hand draw some type up in that black area.

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Do you mean you want to find a type and then trace over it? I'd still say that'd be just as bad, too clean. Look at a font you like and then just eye it, it will make it less imperfect and fit so much better with the cover illustrations.

Or if you're really against hand drawing it, then maybe try printing out the title (In a chosen font). Cut out the letters so it's individual letters, but tape them to another piece of paper (Just to make it less perfect) and then photocopy it. Then photocopy the photocopy, and so on. You'll get a more broken up appearance that might work well. Paste it on and do some funky coloring similar to the illustrations. (just an idea that came into my head)

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A little off-topic, but I was jut curious as to what this was for.
Silent Shout has a cover already. Admittedly, it's not the most thrilling album cover ever but it certainly exists.

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look at some Sagmeister stuff.

http://www.sagmeister.com/work4.html is a Lou Reed poster he did, but he comes up with all kinds of bizarre ways to handmake typography.

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Oh yea, I love Sagmeister, great thinking! That's like exactly the type of thing that came to mind. Not so many words obviously, but that same "feel"


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