Logo for coffee retail company

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Could someone to critic this logo please. This logo for a brand new coffee retail company.

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illustration is excellent, although I am not sure right side saucer reflection/edge is necessary. I think without right side saucer edge/reflection it may be more usable in various applications.

If this retailer ever decided to haveor sponsor movie nights a variation on this logo could be really nice as it already has a bit of a camera shutter efffect going.

Type is nice but not as special as illustration. What typeface-it looks familiar but I am not sure?

Since name has "centre" in it, have you tried placing logo between the words "espresso" and "centre"

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Thank you very much indeed for your fresh and professional eye. I used font Tahoma here but not sure about it and I am not sure about red colors as well. If I place a cup between words I will looks good But I am affraid a cup will get lost a little bit in this case...

And at the end, could you to critic please my logo for company, which interests are in education and real estate fields.

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nice idea but -- rid the red immediately!! red its nice but not this red go for the deep red if u must, this one is not for hot coffee with aroma smell, dont take the brown its too obvious & so simple. i say -- go for the red purple like the aubergine.
the font is fine but if u can look for something round but more bold.
good luck.

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The illustration is very nice, but what size were you thinking of using it? The lines might be too narrow for, for example, printing napkins

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