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I know a bunch of people here have beat this company up, but I thought this is kinda interesting.

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Hello, I have many letters that were hand-written in German with the Sutterlin font. These date from the early 1930s. Since this was the time when Hitler came into power, they would contain interesting historical information. Therefore, I would like to translate them, but I cannot read this script. This is also so because of variations in the handwritings.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you very much.

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There are various transcription services for documents written in Sütterlin and other ‘Kurrent’ handwriting styles. I guess most of them are located in German speaking countries. However, they often also offer translation into English, or at least can communicate in English.

Search for Sütterlin, Kurrent, transcription etc.

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Herr Hardwig, vielen Dank.

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