imaginary shopping spree: what's in your cart?

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Times are tough, pennies are pinched, purse strings are pulled tight. It's Friday.
Let's go imaginary shopping for fonts.
What would you buy if money was no object?

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"What would you buy if money was no object?"

A calligrapher.

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The complete collections of Fontshop and Font Bureau. There are probably some others worth considering, but those two would keep me covered until they go out of style.

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Great answer, aluminum!

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Fontshop would cover vllg and Font Bureau and Shinn Type and Psyops and a lot of other favorites so I would buy that also. Then I would need a way faster computer and an assistant with a very good memory to remember what fonts I have.

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I would probably buy Kris Sowersby :)

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That's kind of like wishing for more wishes.

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It's the oldest trick. I can't believe Aladdin was so stupid.

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Sharon - Unfortunately from Village we only carry Underware. Most of the Village fonts are exclusive to the co-op.

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Fontlab Studio, & superfast computerwitheverything.


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I would start with: some if not all OurType fonts and alot from TEFF and DTL as well.

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" What would you buy if money was no object "

P22 Allyson and Olicana Rough ...

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FF Kievit by Mike Abbink and Verlag from H&F-J.

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I have FF Kievit, and it's definitely worth purchasing. I especially like it for larger pieces of text. :)

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