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Is a two-part question OK ?

This is from a '66 literary quarterly. Looks like some kind of Century (Expanded), but none of the digital versions I've seen capture it very well at all. Any certainty, corrections, or suggestions for something similar? (Also open to very elegant modern versions of a typeface of this character.)

Thanks !

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You've got at least two typefaces here, and I don't either one is Century.

"Review" looks like a Scotch or Transitional face. Caledonia would have been an option in '66; Miller (from Font Bureau) is a modern interpretation.

The small roman type (along with the numbers and small caps) looks like a version of Baskerville. Not sure about the italics, though.

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Well I'm glad I asked.

I do like Miller, thanks for mentioning it.

Any other opinions ?

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"Review" might be a display weight of Baskerville with a curvy 'R'. Not sure if this exists, but "eview" looks Baskervillesque.

I think the italic might be Monotype Garamond Bold Italic.

- Lex

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"Review" looks like Bulmer to me. It seems too bold, but that may be because it was enlarged from a smaller size.

The italic at the bottom is Ludlow Garamond Bold Italic. Garamond FB was based on it.

The rest appears to be Baskerville.

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Mark wins!

- Lex

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