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Anybody who knows a good version of Poliphilus? I bought it some time ago but was disappointed to find out it looks traced and badly spaced. Also, the italic that is supposed to go with it – Blado has problems in my opinion. Any thoughts?

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I have the Monotype versions of Poliphilus (and Blado). It's a quirky font but does the trick IMHO. I'm not aware of another version.

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I've got the same version and echo what Patty said. It looks a little distressed, but is meant to...
Ever since I chose to block pop-ups, my toaster's stopped working.

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As an alternative with a more complete family, you might enjoy MVB Celestia Antiqua. Can you describe what you mean by "traced"?

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Poliphilus is like Bembo: It cries like a sensitive little boy at summer camp when it isn’t printed in letterpress from original metal cuts. I would personally use a typeface designed in the last 10 years instead.

Also: G-d, I hate Bembo’s long-tailed R.

Joe Clark

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Joe - You'll be pleased to hear Robin made the revised digitization, Bembo Book, with an alternate R.

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Traced meaning looks like scanned and outlined in illustrator.

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Traced meaning a hand-drawn outline made on tracing (semi-transparent) paper, over a photographic enlargement.
That was presumably how Poliphilus was originally "designed".

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Yes, probably right. The letters just reminded me of the results I often got working with Adobe Streamline and a scanner before everything was digital. Re-drawing logos for example.

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The design goal for Poliphilus, as everyone here should know as the story is told in Talley of Types, was to provide a type so that you could set a page of Aldus's original and have it be indistinguishable from the original. This was considered to be an error soon after, and Bembo was the result. There is a good Scangraphic version, but it may have a different name. That will probably have fitting by Albert-Jan Pool or Volker Kuester - - if it does, it would be worth looking at even for that.

However, much though I hate to agree with Joe Clark about anything, he is absolutely spot-on in his comment. Bembo and Poliphilus look pathetic unless printed letterpress. Because our expectations of Poliphilus are lower, I have a feeling that the digital version may not be quite so disappointing.

Bembo Book was designed after the Monotype 'C' photomaster, which was optimized for 13 points - - arguably not the best approach.

But seriously, if you want to use Bembo - - go to a letterpress printer! It may be cheaper than you think!

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