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Hi all

I have to single master fonts, to combine into a multiple master.

As the the first time building a mm font, i'm still having some trouble understanding how do i check compatibility between the two masters i built, using the assign master operation... Can i expect that the outine nodes are linked in both masters after assigning the new master? Should i use the match masters action to check if their outlines are compatible?

I also checked the "convert hints to links" when defining the weight axis. Should i use manual interpolation when two outlines are incompatible?

Maybe it depends on the situation, but what would be the best (or most used) method to create the master font: using the blend feature, the mask to master action, or with the assign new master command?

Sorry for posting so many questions
Thanks in advance


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This recent thread deals with some of your questions, but you may also google for "multiple master site:typophile.com". I am sure all of them have been discussed.

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