Sans companion for Mrs Eaves?

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Can anyone recoomend a sans typeface that works well with Mrs Eaves? I have designed a logo that uses Mrs Eaves and would like to use something different for the text information on stationery.

I was thinking of something like Seria sans but I would be intersted to hear your thoughts.


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Strange that this has gone unaddressed.

I think you need something pretty and rigid - not a common combination. Maybe Today Sans?


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Seria Sans sounds like a good choice. Sebastian by Frantisek Storm might also work.

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Thanks for your input guys

I think I am going to stick with seria sans (which seems to work pretty well to my eye) if for no other reason than I don't have the other two fonts suggested.

Unfortunately this client could not afford to buy a face I don't already have - otherwise I would use the excuse to get Sebastian!

thanks again

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