First stab at type design - Sequoia

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Trying to make a quirky text face with the curves of Fontin and Feijoa, a bit of the structure of Warnock and the proportions of...well, I came up with those mostly on my own.

I've attached a pdf for anyone who wants a closer look.

(newb) Now I just need to get it into some font software. Is it even possible to copy and paste to fontographer from illustrator cs? (/newb)

Ben Townsend Hamm

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not sure about fontographer, but you can import eps files into fontlab.

this is looking really good!
the only comment i have so far is to try dropping the dots of 'i' ang 'j' slightly lower.
at the moment it looks like they're alligned to the ascenders.
also the r looks slightly heavy, however that might just be the screen (i haven't printed a proof yet). Also not too sure about that tail on the 'x'.

great job for the 1st type though, mine is still in the process of incubation.
and good on you for trying to do a text face, it's a challenging task.


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Thanks for taking a look, Victor. You're definitely right about the i,and the j. I'm self-taught in regards to type design, I think I picked up aligning the dots to the ascenders from looking at types with much taller x-heights.

That r does look thick, but I'm not sure if the stem is too thick, or if that join needs to be toyed with. I'll see if I can't figure out something for that x.


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It's funny, the lowercase r immediately stood out for me, too, but I wasn't going to mention it until I saw the above comment! I agree, it does look overly heavy.

I really dig the serifs along the baseline. They look like little cartoony feet on which the letters walk. Very cool.

The lowercase c looks too symmetric to me. I feel it could benefit if the bottom part didn't flare upwards so much. I don't think the top part should be any heavier. Sorry, I'm not sure of the correct terms for these part of the c, but I hope that makes sense.

The little serif on the top of the lowercase g is barely hanging on! The rest of the letter is beautiful though.

My favorite letters in this face (in no particular order) are g m x, and h

Looking great. Keep it up!

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This looks great to me. The top of the f might need some strengthening, and the bottom vertices of v and w are too soft I think.

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You can also export as SVG and import into FontForge.

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Hi, nice looking typeface.

You can copy paths directly from illustrator into Fontlab.
Read this thread from the Fontlab Forum

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