Does this type treatment bother anyone else?

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Or is it just me?
Maybe it's that annoying hook on the J?

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Yeah, it is really out of place an unrelated to the rest of the design in any way. Maybe there is a meaning to it in the movie we don't know about it... Otherwise it's just bad judgement. Well, it gives me hope for my professional future. If they hire someone on such a big budget to do something so lame, I could beat that.

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I don't think it looks that bad... I'm not sure what font that is, but it appears to be Titling Caps and regular caps and small caps. Seeing as the story was originally published in 1922, the type seems very appropriate, almost elegant. Though I wish the U was a bit wider and the kerning on Benjamin was better.

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Context? Is this a movie about fly-fishing? If so it seems reasonable.

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brad pitt alread did the fly fishing one: a river runs through it

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yeah the J is annoying and so is the TT in my opinion... the U and N as asvetic mentioned could have been a little wider...

asvetic also mentioned that given the context/ time period that the story was released in, the title might work but i think that there are some quirks that are lets just say unforgivable... notice the point size of the words 'the' and 'of' in relation to the words 'curious case'... i think that needed a LOT more work!


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it's because Benjamin is a pirate!

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Here's the trailer for the movie...

They type treatment on the trailer is better.

And you'll eventually find all the chapters of F.Scott Fitzgerald's story here:

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I feel like it’s entirely appropriate for a period piece. Pre-computer lettering was often rather wonky and not shackled by the mechanical regularity of what goes on in the digital age. Getting back to that imparts a warm feeling that might work very well, especially for a winter movie.

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a river runs through it

yeah, I hate when that happens

(type joke, ha ha)


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Perhaps a buttonhook J would be more appropriate?

2 other things making it feel awkward: letterspacing is broken and I count 7 different type sizes.

James has a point, they might actually be *aiming* for that awkwardness.

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are those fake smallcaps?

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