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Hello to you all,

I am looking for IPA fonts (other than Times an Stone) and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions (or even specific places to look).

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Thank you for the link to Genitum...I had noticed it before and thought that it looked very interesting and complete, but I was concerned that it was not postscript. I always feel a little leary of TrueType...

I have also found the following fonts for IPA:

Newton from Paratype

And Le Monde journal IPA

Also, a thread here at typophile from Peter Bilak mentioned an IPA version of Federa; will that be available commercialy however? (I do hope so!)

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i am jut making some further improvements on Fedra Serif IPA. The fonts will be commercially available, but there is no publishing date yet. drop me a mail if you woudl like to know more.

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the package is suitable for use with LaTeX. if they are type1 fonts, there should be no problem using them with some other software:

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