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I am so frustrated. I have a client who would like no breaks in the words in the body of text for an ad with a preferably fully justified column. That's fine by me, word breaks are irritating. I am creating the ad in InDesign. I try to correct the breaks by adding more spaces between some words or by using the enter key to send the broken word down to the next line in its entirety. The problem is that every time I make one word whole, the program decided to break another word or two or three in lines above it, or whatever is totally unrelated to the line I am messing with. Messing with the tracking and kerning doesn't help either. Is there any way to override this evil program's passion for broken words? I mean, even in any justified format, the problem does not go away.

I'm not perfectly versed in InDesign. Maybe there is something I am missing. I am using 7 pt Adobe Caslon Pro currently in a 1.375 inch text column. I have a 2 inch column (1.75 with a wee border) to work with but, I need room for an image on the side. I've tried it in News Gothic STD and ITC Eras (it was too fashion magazine for my client but, he didn't know the difference). According to him, I am not allowed to change the wording of his description so, for making things fit without word breaks, I am lost, and getting beyond frusterated. I'd tell him I can't get rid of them all but, I think there has to be a way I am missing.

This ad is for a newspaper's classified section and of course, he wants it to stand out. I'm trying to use the corporate Identity font he uses for the heading ( he had some idiot make a logo who badly based it off Arquitectura
... probably from the late 80's... thats the feeling I get at least) He has no interest in creating a new and more aesthetically pleasing logo.

Is there something that better compliments Arquitectura as a heading in body copy? Does anyone have a suggestion to a good professional businessman font personality. I don't think I'm limited to Arquitectura as a heading if there are any suggestions.

Maybe I need to present some arguements to my work with my client with quoted evidence on why I do something a certain way... I gather my education certainly isn't shining through when I explain the concept of legibility as I have been taught. He wants me to make the ad smaller. It's already 2x4.5inches. With the font I'm using and the ligature the body is 1.375x3/3/4inches. The contact info I have set in Helvetica nue 47 Light condenced is 3 lines taking up 1/2 inch height and the titling taking a 1/2 inch height. I could make the ad thinner if I didn't have to use an image that take up 1/2 inch column but, I don't think that would do me any good because I am working with 1 inch classified columns and allowed to take 2... I have to work with the space to take 2.

No image would be a great idea, then I could widen the text column and shorten the height of it... Yeah, it's late, im tired, frustrated and rambling.

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Hi Pamela,
switch off hyphenation in the paragraph options palette (or, even better, via your paragraph styles).
Additionally, you can try using the Adobe Single-Line Composer (in place of the Adobe Paragraph Composer, see flyout-menu in paragraph options palette), for a better manual control over each line.

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OH thank you! I'll see if it works!

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I cannot believe it - I can answer an InDesign question.

You can stay in paragraph composer - no problem. Where ever you want the typeset line to end place a "shift return" in. It breaks it and starts the next line.

Then again, I've asked for the quark keyboard with the InDesign I work with - and it's one of those great features I couldn't live without.

Hope that helps and makes it a bit easier for you.

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