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Hello everyone,

Here are a couple type treatment logo ideas for a spanish, portugeuse and French translation business. Below is a quick paragraph from the company's pr...

1Voice Translation Services offers a wide variety of translation and linguistic services to the global community. Many enterprises are now realizing the value of communicating effectively with a target audience, and 1Voice's expertise lies in applying the proper cultural, technical, industry-specific and dialectal dynamics in all its services in order to achieve the highest market impact.

I am new to design and have been having a bit of a creative block with conceptual ideas and marks for this company.


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v 1 and 2-
second "o" looks like a "D" disconnect "V" round off "O"s

v3 looks terrible, except for "v"

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, no

you need fresh ideas.
you need a good startpoint. a great concept.
we can help you in the details.

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Mike has your client researched this name thoughly, I hope so, its a good name, but a Juan as said it need alot more thought.

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Onevoice is a good name for translation services, but you need to decide whether the company name is "Onevoice", "OneVoice", "1Voice" or others

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The reason I mentioned the name is it sounds like a logo I heard of by one of the phone companies: Verison or AT&T and you don't need a nasty letter from their lawyers.

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Could you somehow imply a sound wave with the "V" (without being too crude)?
You might use a merged "1V" with the beak of the "1" to that effect.


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