Does anyone have a commercial font?

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Does anyone have a commercial font? Perhaps you sell it yourself of sold it to a font library?
I'm curious on what the conditions for the fee are. Not that I think my fonts can/will/should be sold, but just in case. Perhaps in the future it will be usefull to know some experiences from people that have sold their fonts.

Topics of interest:
- registering
- fee
- price per font
- Font library or private



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Nicolai, I think he wants to know about selling or licensing fonts he has created himself.


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buy "graphic artists guild handbook: pricing & ethical guidelines" (p.191 - comparative fees for typeface design).

but the $$$ depending * on how complex or simple the design is;

* a complete font?

* the client is going to give you the designs for each letter?

* exclusive use -

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