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Hi -

I am working on a CD package and I am interested
in making this John Cage album cover bi-lingual.
I have chosen to use both english and japonese
characters for obvious reasons. But here is my

Working in AdobeIndesign, how do you set alternative
languages that are not native to your computer or
software. I am experimenting as a novice design
student and I'm composing this as a portfolio piece.

Also, anyone who has this kind of knowledge of type-
setting in multiple languages would you have any
suggestions on what japonese typefaces pair well
with Frutiger's Univers?

Best regards,
`j e a n

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If your on a recent Mac with a recent version of InDesign should be no problem to set the type manually.

Choose Type > Glyphs

Scroll towards the bottom to see the Nihongo type choices.

Hope this helps.

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Re: That worked ! Thank you very much :)

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also, if you're mentioning the word 'japonese' anywhere on the layout, be sure to change it to 'Japanese'

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