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Hi Everyone,

I am doing a project at uni where I need to hand carve the Arabic words 'halal' and 'haraam'. I do not speak or write the language, but appreciate the beauty of the script. Unfortunately I cannot seem find to any examples of these words written by hand on the internet, and I would much rather use a hand-written type specimen rather than a digitally typeset one because I feel it conveys the beauty and fluidity of the language far better.

I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction of some specimens, or even if someone knew Arabic themselves it would be amazingly generous if they could provide a basic specimen and be showered in thanks for the rest of eternity?

Huge thanks,


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Can't you write these two words in your own handwriting?
حلال ḥalāl
حرام harām

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I don't really know much about Arabic calligraphy, but which (if any) would be the correct form of the word "ḥalāl"? I am guessing, the difference is that one of the examples is written left-to-right.

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Err.. sorry, I meant harām :)
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Top appears to read haram -- and yes, that's right to left!

I just looked up the characters in the Windows Character map :-) I can clearly identify the Initial Hah; the Medial Reh is a bit more curved in Times New Roman. Next one -- the 3rd from the right, that is -- seems to be an alef, ending with a Final form Meem.

Then again, I wouldn't take Times New Roman as the norm. There is a dedicated Arabic Typesetting forum elsewhere on this site. Perhaps better moved over there.

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