Exemplar Pro, it took 14 years.

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Dear Typophiles,

Some of you may or may not know that I’ve been working on a typeface family called Exemplar for the past years. Today I am happy to tell you that this typeface family is released and available via the website of PSY/OPS in San Fransisco.

This project has been very dear to me and it feels like giving up a child or something now when it’s finally released.

A lot of things involved in the process I have learned by You – the Typophile people, so would also like to say Thank You.

I’ve prepared a PDF specimen that shows the family and its OpenType features together some other information.

Exemplar Pro, english version

Exemplar Pro, swedish version

Direct link to PSY/OPS



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Piero De Macchi, an Italian type designer, drew a typeface called Exemplar, too, based on sketches by Aldo Novarese. Apart from that, congratulations on the release!

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Wow, it is a beautiful font. I can see why it took 14 years. Congratulations, Göran. It is beautiful. I can honestly say that this is one of the finest type designs I've seen.

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Thanks for kind words Joachim :)

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Really nice Goran!

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Great alternates as well. Kudos.

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I love it!

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That's just great!

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Tackar, tackar :)

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congratulations. my friend I'm happy for you :)

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Congratulations ! Looks fresh. Now you don't have to think about it anymore, or for a while :-)

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Åh! it’s beautiful in deed. I hope to see it in use some day. :)

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Kess, since you live in Sweden, I can tell you a little secret:

Next year, Exemplar will spread its wings all over Sweden, cant tell you exactly on which project, but you will see it if you are observant :)

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BRAVO!!! Congrats to you and may your sales be many!


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This is lovely Goran, I wish you the best of luck with sales and thanks for your contribution to type design! May I ask, the 14 years, I assume this was part time?


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David, thank you very much for your kind words.

Yes, it was very much part time, 14 years is meant to be a little bit humoristic in fact.

But, I started out 14 years ago, worked for two years (on and off) and then it was put to rest* until 2006 when I picked it up again and completed it. Glad I did, since it look and work so much better today :)

/ Göran

*long story here...

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