Fat slab serif

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As an experiment, I have been trying to contstruct a useable fat slab serif typeface using Fontstruct. Some of the characters look quite nice, I think, but others look ... well, not so nice. What needs changing? And how should I solve the F, so that it looks normal when it preceeds lower case characters?

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I think the problem about your F relates to the E. They stick out, I think primarily because they don't have the same vacuum feeling of the rest of the typeface.

Overall, I kind of like it. It's really not my style, but I can see some contexts it could be suitable.

By the way, does Slabbedask mean anything normal in Norwegian?

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I will have a look at the E and F. Thanks!

Slabbedask is a norwegian word used to describe a sloppy, careless person. It is related to the english word slapdash.

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