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I am pretty much done with this logo, and I didn't have a lot of leeway with it (couldn't really modify the bear since this is originally a Chinese org). But I am wondering if you all think I need to have a period after the A in USA? It looks wonky if I put one there. My other idea was to use circles in place of periods, then I think that makes this less 'agrammatical'


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Hello Petro

Mr Brighurst (in his "The Elements of Typographic Style") implies a use of very common acronyms as dotless with loose kerning and small caps. In your case of cource you don't need sc, but half space between the letters would do your job and look better (i think).


p.s. if you are going to use dots it is for sure wrong not to use all of them.
It will be like United States of A.

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> thank you christos, I'm away from my Bringhurst right now. That's > what i needed

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Personal, I'd lose the periods alltogether. I don't think they're necessary at all. Nice work on the logo!

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