Font for an architecture firm

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Hi all,

Just got a job redoing pretty much every visual aspect of a 5 person architecture firm based in New Zealand. They specialise in sports centres, education facilities and houses using a modern style; lots of use of corrugated sheet metal and glass.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a font that might fit in with the kind of stuff they do? Added bonus if it's produced locally here in NZ. It'd be used for everything - website (doesn't have to be web-safe, was using flash for the website anyway), printed material, drawing annotations, and also their logo



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check out Kris Sowersbys typefaces.

not sure if that's the kind of thing you're looking for but those are some good quality types made in Aotearoa

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Yeah I did have my eye on National, so any more suggestions in that vain would be great

Thanks Victor

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