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I am currently designing a logo for a fine dining restaurant named "Bellus" it is intended to have a bit a of a 1920's feel with influences of art nouveau.
These are my two logos.....help!
Any feed back and/or suggestions would be great.
Bellus Logos

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You've got some nice illustrations there, Nathan.
Im digging the flowers most.

I am finding the position of Bellus really uncomfortable notched under the floral design.
With such a complex mark, the placement of Bellus seems an afterthought.

I see a pound sign and a couple of d's in the intersecting stems. Do you have a variation
with a B in it? My eyes do most of their travel in the winding lines.

In the sihlouetted design, I dislike the long flowered strand. You have some odd angles in there. Also, I dont think you need it. You could attach the flower instead to a lengthened version of the curve under her chin.

Bellus is very small also. Bring it up a bit.


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I prefer the floral design also. I think the "d"s and the "#" that Andrew sees is a result of the intersecting curves being too alike. Art Nouveau is very free flowing, which you are beginning to capture, but I think you can push it a little more. The type is clean and is trying to portray sophistication (fine dining), but I don't think it's working well with the illustration. Bring the letterspacing in tighter and enlarge the letters. Have you looked at some other typefaces?


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I like the concept of the silhouette design, but think the implementation of the floral motif is much better. Even with the pound sign interference pattern.

If you created a version of the floral patterns that formed a B, it would work nicely for me.

As for the type, I think a general guide for size is to match the lineweight of the character with the stroke weight you used in the stem of the flower. Maybe a more indulgent, Baroque face would work better,

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I too enjoy the floral design. But would like the floral stems simplified. Too much swing and dance going on. But use all the flower pieces you have. Just use one stem with it splitting towards the top flower, side flower and leaf. One leaf is adequate.

Type will come easier when illustration is evolved.

take care

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The flower, and the purple, are great. I'd make the thorns bigger, at least some of them.

Is that Skia, or Solpera? Although their "Greekness" might be inappropriate, the latter does have those wonderful "thorns"!


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I like the flower & thorns. I don't
like the type, it does seem like
an unrelated afterthought. There
are some books in libraries that
have wonderful nouveau monograms
that would be worth checking out.
Try integrating the type with the
image, weave it in and out, mabe
it forms letters, maybe it is a large
capital B? Work it till it shines mate.


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