Fountain releases Orbe

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Summer is here and we feel it would be nice with a new typeface release.
So with no further ado we give you – Orbe designed by Rui Abreu.

Take a peek at:

Rui has also made a nice promotion video:

Download PDF:

Orbe is a blackletter font intended to interpret the feel of Portuguese calligraphy. It's name, the portuguese for "orb" or "globe", evokes the enclosed beauty and consistency of shapes that naturally cohere in the calligraphic expression.

With a light and spontaneous feel, it's also exotic with it's flourished details, which makes it a very nice decorative and titling font. The glyphs are a mix of lowercases and uppercases, all aligned at same height, as if the uppercase forms of some letters evolved by speed of gesture to lowercase forms.

This is Fountain's first OpenType release and features a full CE supported character set, and fancy ligatures.

About Fountain:
Fountain is an independent and friendly digital type foundry based in Malmö, Sweden. We've been sending out nice typefaces to the world since 1993.

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Lovely font, lovely video.

Typophile Film Festival entrant, I trust?

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Very nice indeed

Mikey :-)

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I like the video too... Nicely done :-)

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Muito linda!

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