DSType releases Capsa.

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DSType releases Capsa, a typeface designed for use in books. Although inspired by several types from the Type Specimens of Claude Lamesle, Capsa does not intent to be a revival. Capsa is available in Roman, Bold, Italic, Swashes, Vignettes and Patterns.

The pdf specimen, containing a short essay on the design of Capsa (in portuguese only) can be downloaded at: http://www.dstype.com/capsa.html

Dino dos Santos

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Parabéns. Muito bom trabalho! Leitura muito relaxada mas ao mesmo tempo muito sólida, com uns promenores esplendidos. Adoro as ligaduras.

Muita coisa boa se faz em Portugal ainda.



Congratulations. Very good work! Relaxed reading but at the same time a very solid one, with splendid details.

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Muito bom!
Adoro também a assimetria das serifas.

Quando fizer um mini-curso sobre como construir um Tipo diga. Quero lá estar.:-)



Very good!
Also love the serif asymmetry.

When you teach a small training how to build a typeface, please let me know. I want to be there.:-)

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How can I purchase Capsa? I really want to use it on a book and I can't find how to buy it. Help me, please!

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Another great project! Congratulations on your good work.
Capsa stays on my to buy list.

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Thanks for your comments! Glad you liked it!

António Fonseca:
I will give a small course on type design in September.
Here is the link: http://www.esad.pt/lab/

Be sure you download the pdf.


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Fantastic design. Actually pretty much something that I could use right now.

How can I purchase Capsa? Don't you sell it on your site yourself?
I saw it on MyFonts, but they seem to slap a pretty sum on top of the price.

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The prices on MyFonts are in US dollars,
if you convert them to euros you might be surprised with the sum :-)


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Dino, Capsa is awesome! I did check your advice:

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Capsa is now also available at TypeTrust...


We will soon have an English translation of Dino's specimen PDF as well.

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> The prices on MyFonts are in US dollars,
if you convert them to euros you might be surprised with the sum :-)

Ugh, you are right. I don't know how I have missed that. :)
Great, I'll probably purchase it somewhere in the coming days/week.

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afonseca1974 i was going to give you the link for the mini-course that dstype will give but from what i see he already gave to you.

I think this is an awsome font. It fills the objective of making a book with just one typeface just using the different styles from the same font.
It's a beautiful font, the ligatures are just... no words.

Congrats teacher! This is portuguese typography!

Joel Santos // youremin
sound & visual

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Trabalho fantástico, Dino. Meus parabéns! :)

Fantastic job, Dino. Congratulations!

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Dabulous typeface... How long did it take to complete it? I mean from the start to finish?

There's is no cyrillic characters, right? Could I wait for them?

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oh, i meant 'Fabulous'

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Congratulations, it is looking very beautiful! :)

I dont know exactly what, but is has something that speaks to me.

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Thanks to all of you!

Your new Jana Thork is great! specially the swashes!

Probably I will not design cyrillic characters, but it will depend on the amount of requests.
Well, let me say that I started this typeface in November and ended it in June.

I love your Exemplar Pro too!

"I dont know exactly what, but is has something that speaks to me."
I know what you mean. The same happens to me with certain typefaces and I still don't know why.


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