Ibis - first attempt at new serif

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Greetings all!

Below are some sketches for a new serif font that for the moment is called Ibis. It is inspired by ancient Egyptian art and architecture, though it's not based on any specific model. I did not start on it with any particular function in mind, though I guess it might find use as a display font.

This is my first serif typeface, and my motivation for it is partly to learn, so any and all feedback is welcome.

ibis_draft.pdf245.67 KB
ibis_draft2.pdf274.94 KB
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This font has an interesting feeling but there is not enough consistency of weight between characters. So M & N are heavy, but the O is light. Why? It is almost always a good idea to make the glyphs seem to have a similar optical weight meaning the look like they are rather than being literally the same weight. How do you think someone might use this?

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Eben, I agree the weight was too inconsistent in that draft. I guess I was too anxious to get feedback. I have now done more work on the weights and added new samples to the first post - I hope these look better.

I wrote in the original post that I thought "it might find use as a display font". Now I believe the font could also work for shorter paragraph text (see pdf #2). What do you think?

As before, all suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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It is getting better but I have my doubts about it becoming a text face. But I suppose it depends on where you take it. Especially if you are aiming at a text oriented design in time I think you will have to continue to look at the weight that each character seems to have. I say seems because it's just perception. Following a plan and measuring won't get you there. You have to do it by eye. The bottom of the i & m and so on still catch my eye. They are so heavy compared to the bases of letters around them! In contrast the top & bottom of the s are very light. This makes the type seem to flicker as you read it which is not comfortable over a paragraph. Keep on going. But also look closely at other designs. I am not saying copy them but between styles you may see that similar approaches are used to solve for an even feeling or look. Consider using those.

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